The Ultimate Guide to Electric Scooter Maintenance

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Electric scooters are alternative options to other vehicles, which are convenient for your daily commuting. You may feel that your electric scooter cannot perform well after six or seven months, so regular electric scooter maintenance is very essential.

The importance of electric scooter maintenance

Unlike petrol vehicles, electric scooters don't need so frequent maintenance, but regular maintenance is also necessary to help keep your electric scooter safe and smooth to use on the road.

Before telling you the guide to electric scooter maintenance, you should first know about its importance.

Regular maintenance reduces safety problems

An unmaintained e-scooter can also cause danger like any other vehicle. But if you take care of your electric scooter regularly, for example, you often replace any part of your scooter or repair it regularly, you can keep yourself and the people around you safe.

Electric scooter maintenance makes your ride comfortable and smooth

A well-maintained electric scooter can give you a comfortable riding experience. You will never worry about flat tires, damaged batteries, or handles. But remember to wear protective gear such as a helmet and gloves.

5 tips to tell you how to maintain your electric scooter

Regular Clean

The right way is to wipe your e-scooter with a clean, wet cloth. Don't hose the water on your electric scooter like other cars or it will cause circuit damage and may cause safety problems. If there is a stubborn area, you can use a special cleaner to wipe it off.

Right Storage

If your e-scooters need to be stored for a long time, please charge them in advance. You should charge your electric scooter every month and prevent dust accumulation on your scooter. The electric scooter is recommended to be stored in a dry place indoors.

Tire Maintenance

People who have experience riding electric scooters know that tire wear can be a common problem. But it often troubles them because it requires frequent tire replacement.

So, when buying an electric scooter, what kind of tires should we choose, and how do we maintain them afterward?

Honeycomb tires are solid, and you don't need to worry that the tire will blow up or get punctured.

Inflatable tires may have the risk of punctures or blowouts.

Why will your electric scooter puncture?

Inflatable tires are made up of an inner tube and an outer tire. The inner tube provides shock absorption and bounce. The outer tire protects the inner tube and provides traction. A puncture occurs when the inner tube is deflated. You can replace the inner tube and still use the outer tire.

How to maintain electric scooter tires?

  1. Install slime tire sealant

  2. Avoid riding your electric scooter frequently on uneven roads

  3. Regular check

  • Check the tire pressure, the recommended tire pressure for an electric scooter is 2.5bar (36Psi)

  • Check the condition of the tires. Serious tire wear can make your electric scooter prone to being punctured. At the same time, it will reduce the friction between the tire and the road surface. If you ride the electric scooter on rainy days or wet roads, it can become easy to skid.

Check for foreign objects, which can get stuck in the grooves of the tire.

How to Maintain Electric Scooter Batteries

The electric scooter battery plays an important role in the performance of the electric scooter.

Proper maintenance or care of the battery can elongate the service life of an electric scooter.

Please follow the following tips for your electric scooter battery:

  1. When the battery power is below 20%, charge it in time. Excessive discharge can damage the battery, which will also permanently affect its performance and range. It may also cause overheating in forklifts.

  2. Use the original charger.

  3. When fully charged, the charger should be removed within 2 hours.

  4. If your electric scooter is not used for a long time, please charge it once a month.

  5. If you ride your electric scooter for a long time, you should wait for charging until the bottom battery box is not so hot.

  6. Don't ride the electric scooter in heavy rain, or the battery circuit can be damaged by water.

  7. Do not take apart the battery box yourself, you can contact your dealer for support.

Lubricating Main Parts

Regular lubricating main parts especially the moving parts is very essential to maintain the performance of your electric scooter. But avoid the lubricating products to the brake components. You can also lubricate the folding mechanism and shock absorber.

Final Word on Electric Scooter Maintenance

Routine maintenance is very essential for electric scooters or you need to go for a professional repair. But if you want to repair the electric scooter yourself, you need to prepare the following tools and follow the step-by-step guide.

Allen Key Tooling

Allen Key Tooling

Electric Screwdriver

Electric Screwdriver

Cross Screwdriver

Cross Screwdriver

Straight Screwdriver

Straight Screwdriver

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