Electric Surfboard
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An electric surfboard provides you with one of the coolest and most adrenaline water sports experiences that can be enjoyed despite flatwater conditions.
Mainly composed of lightweight shell material and a powerful lithium battery, the electric surfboard features an IP67 waterproof rating and 45-50 minutes long ride times.           The peak speed can reach 55-60 km/h.

Youmota: Your Leading Electric Surfboards Manufacturer in China

Youmota is a leading manufacturer of electric surfboards in China. The factory covers 25,000Sq, 300 Skilled-labor, 15 R&D Teams, and Focuses on electric surfboards projects. High-quality electric surfboards with a defective rate of less than 5‰. UL2272&CE&RoHS&ABE approved, and BSCI&ISO audited.
The China-French joint venture, French listed company, national high-tech enterprise, Dongguan multiplication and cultivation enterprise.

The warranty time is one year, it meets the requirements of the importing country, there are warehouses and offices in Europe and Los Angeles, and after-sales service is provided.
electric surfboard
electric surfboard

electric surfboard design
electric surfboard R&D
R&D and Design Team
Creative Design A simple draft captures the instant sparkles of our designer.
 Hand-drawn Draft Brings a product to its soul and lightens ordinary life. 
Creativity starts with a smooth view and strong points. 
We are dedicated to creating fulfilling products within touch.


Finite Element Analysis
Static structural analysis: Plasticity, linearity, fracture, fatigue, etc Fluid dynamics analysis: Wake flow/turbulence, mixed convection, internal flow.

Repeat tests of Electromagnetic compatibility and environmental reliability. Monitor and adjust the parameters of rotations and thrust under actual underwater tests.

You can customize the following sections:

Label on Surfboards
Packaging Carton

Of course, performance and accessories can be changed reasonably according to your requirements, including motors, brakes, lights, speed customization.

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