Electric Snow Scooter
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Currently, the factory of producing electric snow scooters is few at home and abroad, Our company is one of the few domestically famous manufacturers.
Our electric snow scooter has three modes, that is, road mode, all-terrain mode and snow mode, of which the snow mode is the most eye-catching, with a unique sleigh wheel design, front sleigh and rear tracks, showing a perfect combination of aesthetics and function.
The electric snow scooter brings in the industrial design concept of electric off-road vehicles, with a cool streamlined body and wild style in fashion, attracting more eyeballs strongly. The sleigh slides freely in the snow and can avoid falling into loose snow. It can avoid slipping to some extent due to a larger contact area. Shock absorbers can keep the scooter running steadily on bumpy roads. It is provided with power through the rear-wheel drive.
This product is mainly used for outdoor snow riding or close commuting and is especially suited for snow sports enthusiasts.
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The Composition Of The Electric Snow Scooter

The basic components of the electric snow scooter: pole, frame, battery compartment, LCD screen, front sleigh board, rear motor wheel and track.
The working principle is similar to ordinary electric scooters, that is, the lithium battery provides power for the rear wheel motor which drives the track and then the front sleigh board moves forward.
Can realize snow commuting, and increase the fun of snow sports.
Simple and convenient to use: the vertical pole is folded and conveniently and quickly. Only one button is needed to complete the folding and solve the trouble of handling.
Compared to snowmobiles, it is cost-saving and environmentally friendly.
First of all, you should pay attention to safety when riding electric snow scooters, and be sure to wear protective equipment before riding such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and so on.
Secondly, pay attention to the choice of riding site and try not to ride on icy roads or places with thick snow.
If the snow is thicker than 15cm, it is better not to ride at a slower speed.
Battery working status: the battery discharge temperature, that is, the lowest temperature when riding outdoors, not be lower than minus 20 degrees Celsius, otherwise, the battery consumption is very fast and the battery is easy to be damaged.
Charging precautions: it is best to charge in an environment above 0 degrees Celsius.
Other maintenance: after ride in the snow, please clean the snow or mud on the motor.

Youmota: Your Leading Electric Snow Scooter Manufacturer in China

Youmota is a leading manufacturer of electric snow scooters in China. The factory covers 25,000Sq, 300 Skilled-labor, 15 R&D Teams, and Focuses on electric snow scooter projects. High-quality electric snow scooters with a defective rate of less than 5‰. UL2272&CE&RoHS&ABE approved, and BSCI&ISO audited.
The China-French joint venture, French listed company, national high-tech enterprise, Dongguan multiplication and cultivation enterprise.

The warranty time is one year, it meets the requirements of the importing country, there are warehouses and offices in Europe and Los Angeles, and after-sales service is provided.
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electric scooter design
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R&D and Design Team
We have our own R&D team to design our new product and support you to make your own design, turn your ideas into products.
Our R&D team has more than ten years of R&D and design experience.
As long as you have requirements, we will design and develop every process for you, from appearance, performance, packaging, etc., to serve you wholeheartedly.


1.Incoming Quality Control (IQC) Before Assembly
2.Testing After Assembly
    a. Scooter Head Bearing Test
    b. Weight Test for Scooters
    c. Driving Aging Test of Scooters
    d. Shipping Packaging Test
    e. Scooter Drop And Fall Test
    f. Charger Function Test
3.Qualified by International Certifications

You can customize the following sections:

Label on Scooters
Packaging Carton

Of course, performance and accessories can be changed reasonably according to your requirements, including motors, brakes, lights, speed customization.

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