Electric Scooter Working Principle (Technical Guiding)

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Electric scooters have been very popular over these years and they are especially favored by office workers. But do you know about the electric scooter working principle? The following is a brief introduction to the electric scooter working principle.

Electric Scooter Components

The main parts of an electric scooter are the battery, electric scooter brake, handlebar, light, motor, deck, tire, and controller.

CXM S9 Series

                                            Take CXM S9 Series as An Example



An electric scooter battery is usually composed of assembled cells, and it provides the power for the electric motor, lights, and other electric scooter accessories. A lithium-ion battery has a long service life and it can also be charged quickly.

Electric Scooter Brake

Electric Scooter Brake

The brake is one of the important safety parts of an e-scooter. The brake can affect your riding safety, durability, and usage in wet situations. Some electric scooters also have two brakes: the front and rear brakes.

Electric Scooter Handlebar

Electric Scooter Handlebar

The electric scooter handlebar is also an important part of the electric scooter. It features the accelerator, brake, display, and bell.



Light is very necessary for the electric scooter as it can help you see at night. Almost all the electric scooters on the market are equipped with LED lights. A light in the electric scooter is designed for visibility at night.



The motor powers the electric scooter and the electric kick scooter should be equipped with one or two motors.



The electric scooter deck is the place that you put your feet on. Some electric scooter decks are made of rubber for larger grip.



Electric scooter tires are created to provide you with traction to start or stop your scooter. Tires are also very important as they can affect your ride, the braking system, and traction. They are divided into two types: air-filled and airless tires.


The controller is built into the electric scooter to control the flow from the battery to the motor. The controller needs to be regularly maintained or it may go wrong.

Electric Scooter Working Principle

The battery can deliver the power to the electric scooter motor and it will make the electric scooter move forwards. When the rider presses the throttle, the speed controller will power the motor and the motor begin to work. The controller can receive different signals from the battery, brake, or throttle. Every part works together for the operation and safety of the electric scooter.

What motor is used in an electric scooter?

All electric scooters are equipped with DC motors. DC motors can be divided into two types: Brushed DC Motors and Brushless DC Motors.

Brushed DC Motors

A brushed DC motor is composed of the stator, rotor, brush, and commutator. The electrical energy can enter the armature winding by brushes and commutators to produce armature current. And the magnetic field generated by the armature current interacts with the main magnetic field to produce electromagnetic torque. The structure of brushed DC motors is complicated and it has a short service life. In addition, brushed DC motors need more frequent maintenance and repair.

Brushless DC Motors

Brushless DC motors adopt Mechatronics technology, which are also called commutator motors. Brushless DC motors are advanced editions of brushed DC motors.

How does an electric scooter throttle work?

When the electric scooter throttle is engaged, the motor will be powered to make your electric scooter ride forward. The electric scooter throttle can be adjusted to different power ranges. Throttles for the electric scooter work differently. Some have a level mode and some have a sensitivity setting.

How does an e-scooter controller work?

The electric scooter controller is the core part of an electric scooter. The purpose of the controller is to convert the battery energy to motor power. The performance of the electric scooter controller can affect the smoothness of the scooter control and the rapidity of response.

The electric scooter controller is composed of voltage sampling, current sampling, drive circuit, etc.

e-scooter controller work

How does the brake work on an electric scooter?

Electric scooter brakes can be divided into four main types: electronic brakes, disc brakes, drum brakes, and foot brakes. Many electric scooters will use the combination of the brake. For example, disc brakes and electronic brakes can be installed on the electric scooter, and it varies according to different customer needs and scooter models.

The electronic brake is the most traditional braking system that accords with the inertial of people. The rear foot brake is used for braking in an emergency. When the brake is pressed, the electrical safety system will automatically cut off the power.

How does the electric scooter battery work?

Lithium-ion batteries are very common in electric scooter on the market. The battery has 2 indicators: voltage and charge.

Lithium-ion batteries have a high storage energy density that has reached 460-600Wh/kg. They also have a long service life and feature a high power tolerance.

The charging process of lithium-ion batteries has three stages: trickle charging, constant current charging, and constant voltage charging.

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