Electric Scooter Brakes 101: Types And Advantages

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How Many Brakes Does An Electric Scooter Have?

A good braking system can reduce the risk of riding and can effectively slow down in an emergency. Some electric scooters have brakes only on the front or rear wheel, and some electric scooters have 2 braking systems, one brakes the front wheel and one breaks the rear wheel. Of course, we recommend choosing the latter, even if one brake fails, there is still one that can act as a brake.

How Long Do Electric Scooter Brakes Last?

The brake service life of electric scooters is related to the frequency and duration of riding. Top-quality disc brakes from manufacturers like CXM will last a lot longer. Generally, the brake pads should be replaced if they are more than two-thirds worn.

Electric Scooter Brake

In general, the braking system of electric scooters does not require special protection or oiling. Just be careful not to ride on roads with mud or water and keep the braking system clean.

Types Of Electric Scooter Brakes

Electric scooter brakes can be divided into four main types: electronic brakes, disc brakes, drum brakes, and foot brakes. Many electric scooters will use a combination of brakes. For example, disc brakes and electronic brakes can be installed on electric scooters, and it varies according to different customer needs and scooter models.

The electronic brake is the most traditional braking system that accords with the inertial of people. The rear foot brake is used for braking in an emergency. When the brake is pressed, the electrical safety system will automatically cut off the power.

Compared with drum brakes, disc brakes have the characteristics of fast heat dissipation, lightweight, fast braking, and convenient adjustment. They also have better high-temperature resistance under high loads, stable braking effects, and are less affected by external environmental factors.

In addition, disc brakes use the calliper type, the brake pads and the disc are in flat contact, the contact surface is large, and the brakes are fast, suitable for frequent braking, and generally do not need to be adjusted. The drum brake pads are in contact with the brake drum on a curved surface, from point to surface, and the braking efficiency is relatively low.

CXM scooters are equipped with at least two braking systems in case one of them fails.

E.g: CXM S12 Pro electric scooter uses 2 kinds of braking systems: disc brakes and electronic brakes. Disc brakes have the most stopping power and are lighter than drum brakes. The electronic braking system does not require any regular adjustment or maintenance, but disc brakes are light and effective, and a combination of the two is best.

Dual brake system

Which Brake Is Safest To Use In A Scooter?

Disc brakes are often regarded as the safest electric scooter brake. However, getting an electric scooter that offers multiple braking systems, like the CXM electric scooter series, offers the best possible protection and safety for your rides.

Advantages Of CXM's Electric Scooter Brakes

1. Electronic brake

An electronic brake uses a switch, push button, or lever to help you stop or slow down. It’s the most convenient to use since riders only need to activate it from the e-scooter dashboard. All CXM electric scooters have this type of brake, usually, it exists with the disc brake.


2. Foot brake/ Pedal brake

An electric scooter foot brake, also called a rear brake, is a hinged fender or mechanism on your rear wheel. Riders simply need to step on it to slow down or come to a full stop. These are quick and easy to use, so they are often used for decelerating or sudden stops. Just keep in mind that using it often can wear or tear your electric scooter tyres.

CXM 8.5inch electric scooter S9 has this type brake.

rear brake

3. Disc brake

Disc brakes are the most common electric scooter brakes used on e-scooters. In fact, all CXM electric scooters use disc brakes due to their reliable and strong braking power. Normally, disc brakes are activated by pulling a hand lever in your controls.

CXM 11inch electric scooter S12 has double disc brakes:

CXM 11inch electric scooter S12 has double disc brakes

4. Drum brake

Drum brakes are found inside the wheel and are often controlled using a hand lever. They offer the same effectiveness as electric brakes, making them a common type of brake in e-scooters. CXM 10 inch electric scooter S10 has this type brake.

CXM 10 inch electric scooter S10 has both disc brake and drum brake:

CXM 10 inch electric scooter S10 brakes

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