• Types Of Electric Kick Scooter


    As a professional electric scooter manufacturer in China, Youmota will introduce different kinds of electric scooters to you, such as: City electric scooter, Off-road electric scooter, Fat tire electric scooter, Foldable electric scooter, City electric Scooter, off -road electric Scooter, fat tire electric Scooter, foldable electric Scooter, Mini electric scooter, Kicking electric scooter, Snow electric scooter, etc. Read More

  • Electric Scooter Brakes 101: Types And Advantages


    A good braking system can reduce the risk of riding and can effectively slow down in an emergency. Some electric scooters have brakes only on the front or rear wheel, and some electric scooters have 2 braking systems, one brakes the front wheel and one breaks the rear wheel. Of course, we recommend choosing the latter, even if one brake fails, there is still one that can act as a brake. Read More

  • 7 FAQs about Lithium Batteries for Electric Scooters


    7 FAQs about Lithium Batteries for Electric Scooters Read More

  • How Many Watts Do You Need? - Electric Scooter Buying Guide


    What is Watt on an Electric Scooter?Watts is the unit of power of the machine, the symbol is"W".When it comes to a scooter's motor and overall performance, watts are an important data point to consider. Watts refers to the amount of energy that the motor can handle at any one time, which can directl Read More

  • The Ultimate Guide to Electric Scooter Maintenance


    Electric scooters are alternative options to other vehicles, which are convenient for your daily commuting. You may feel that your electric scooter cannot perform well after six or seven months, so regular electric scooter maintenance is very essential. Read More

  • How to Choose the Best Kick Scooter for Commuting: 2 Things You Should Know


    Nowadays, many people prefer to ride a bicycle or get on a bus to work as they are willing to reduce their carbon footprint and human impact on the environment. You may be looking for an alternative option rather than vehicles, and why not choose a kick scooter for your commuting? Read More

  • Electric Scooter Working Principle (Technical Guiding)


    Electric scooters have been very popular over these years and they are especially favored by office workers. But do you know about the electric scooter working principle? The following is a brief introduction to the electric scooter working principle. Read More

  • How to Ride An Electric Scooter: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners


    Electric scooters have been trendy these years and many people are interested in riding an electric scooter. So, do you know how to ride an electric scooter safely? If you are a beginner worrying that you will fall off when riding an electric scooter, don't worry, here are some tips for you to tell you how to maintain your balance on the electric scooter. Read More

  • 7 Tips to Tell You How to Choose the Best Electric Scooter?


    The electric scooter is popular as a personal transportation vehicle in recent years thanks to its portability, weight, and convenience. So, how to choose the best electric scooter? Here are 7 tips to tell you how to choose the best electric scooters. Read More

  • A Basic Introduction to Electric Scooters


    Nowadays, electric scooters have been more and more popular all over the world. Many people choose to ride an electric scooter in their daily commuting. So, do you know the basic knowledge about e-scooters? Read More

  • How to Find the Best China Electric Scooter Factory?


    As the world's factory, China has become one of the largest e-scooter manufacturers. With the leapfrog development of modern ergonomics and electrical technology, electric scooters are more innovative. Read More

  • Top 10 Electric Scooter Manufacturers&Brands


    Electric scooters have been more and more popular in the global market. Are you looking for a trusted electric scooter manufacturer? The following are the top 10 electric scooter manufacturers that have enjoyed a good reputation in the world. Read More

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