The INTERMOT 2022 ended perfectly!

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INTERMOT 2022 is one of the large-scale exhibitions held in Cologne, Germany after the outbreak of COVID-19. This exhibition was very popular, and there were a large number of exhibitors and visitors to the exhibition.

Basic Information

Name: 2022 International Motorcycle and Scooter Show Cologne (INTERMOT) in Cologne, Germany

Time: October 4th-9th, 2022

Periodicity: Biennial

Range: Motorcycles, electric scooters, bicycles, e-bikes, mobility aids, trailers, scooters, motorcycle and bicycle parts and accessories, tires and beads, engines and components, electric equipment, motorcycle production equipment, tools and store equipment, motorcycle clothing and gear, protective gear, raw materials, semi-finished products, lubricants and packaging materials, motorcycle tours and related supplies, etc.

The INTERMOT in Cologne, Germany, held every two years, is a well-known professional international motorcycle fair with a long history. It was originally held in Munich, Germany, and since 2006 it has been moved to Cologne, the exhibition capital of Germany, with greater professionalism and a larger scale. In the last edition in 2018, the fair attracted a total of 1,041 exhibitors, 66% of which came from abroad; 53,000 professional buyers, accounting for 24% of all visitors, 35% of which came from more than 100 other countries; and a total of 165,500 private visitors, 5% of which came from abroad. The exhibition also attracted professional media from all over the world, and the 2022 exhibition was live-streamed worldwide.


In 2022 the exhibition opened 4 halls in total (Halls 6, 7, 8 and 9), a part of Hall 7 was for electric vehicles and Hall 10.1 was for motorcycle customization, with an estimated total area of 160,000 square meters.

During the visiting day, visitors experienced and touched the products closely, so there was a very great vibe. We not only promote our products at INTERMOT but also communicate with visitors face to face and spend a good time together.


Our company launched several new products at this year's exhibition: electric surfboards, electric snow scooters, children's scooters, etc. All of them were very popular among the customers on site, especially the electric surfboard and electric snow scooter, and there were a lot of people inquiring and asking about the price. Below we summarize some of the most asked questions by visitors.

1. What is the capacity of the battery?

The electric scooter can be equipped with different capacity batteries according to different models, such as S9/S10 series electric scooter with 36V battery, capacity can choose 6Ah/7.5Ah/10Ah/12.5Ah, etc.; S12 with 48V, 10Ah/12.5Ah/15Ah, etc. The battery of the electric surfboard is 72V, 55Ah with high quality cells.

The current battery used in electric snow scooters is 48V, 13Ah, 5C discharge special battery, which can support the maximum power range of the motor 1000W-2000W.

2. How long does an electric scooter run?

The operating time and distance are related to battery capacity, motor power, as well as road conditions and riding speed, etc. Usually, we can refer to the following range.

  • Electric scooter S9/S10: 25-45km

  • Electric scooter S12: 25-60km

  • Electric surfboard: 45-60min (peak power-on time), our battery will be followed by continuous upgrades and improvements to make the range longer and more stable.

3. What is the maximum speed?

  • Electric scooter: The maximum speed can reach 45km/h, but there are generally speed limits, such as the European market speed limit of 25km/h.

  • Electric surfboard: The maximum speed can reach 55-60km/h.

4. What is the material of the shell?

  • Electric scooter: the main body is aluminum alloy and some plastic parts (Aluminium Alloy + Steel)

  • Electric surfboard: The main style KL12 shell we promote at the show is carbon fiber, which is more accepted by customers.

5. How long is the service life?

Normally, electric scooters can be used for 3-5 years without problems, as long as the frame body is good. After a few years of use, you can replace the battery, so that the scooter can still work.

6. What is the price and minimum order quantity?

Our company is a factory-type company, we can offer customers the best price and full container load shipping, which makes our price even more competitive. We provide OEM service to customers, but there is a certain minimum quantity requirement, the specific quantity can be discussed. We support sample orders for any of our products and welcome customers to test samples.

In conclusion, we have enjoyed great success at this exhibition in Cologne, Germany. Some of our customers who did not attend this exhibition have also booked to attend our next exhibitions at EICMA 2022 in Milan, Italy and ISPO Munich 2022 in Munich, Germany. Looking forward to meeting you again! We hope the next two exhibitions will be a great success as well.

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