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1. Tire Slime

Tire slime, also known as tire sealant, is the best way to prevent and repair punctures. Slime often prevents you from changing tires or tubes. It's fast and easy to use. We recommend adding it to the tires of a new scooter preventively, but you can also carry a bottle with you and use it when you need it.

2. Safety Vest

A safety vest is an inexpensive high-visibility garment. They are brightly colored and have reflective patches that can be worn on the outside of clothing.

They make it easier for you to be seen by the car, and we recommend them if you're riding on busy roads.


3. Gloves

In winter, they will help keep your hands warm. They protect the skin of the hands in the event of a fall or collision, especially at high speeds.

You should choose gloves that suit your speed. For low-speed riding , almost any glove of some thickness will do. At higher speeds, thick leather mountain bike or motorcycle gloves are necessary.

4. Phone Holder

Mobile phones are an integral part of life. But they can be distracting when riding an e-scooter.

The phone holder is very useful while riding. Whether you need to follow a map or check a notification, you can do it safely without letting go of the scooter handlebars and risking a fall.

5. Lock

Sturdy U-lock with extra long (10") shackle to easily lock most scooters.

If you park your scooter in a public place, a lock is essential to keep your scooter secure.

Pro tip: Inexpensive U-locks can be cut as easily as cables, so picking up a high-quality lock is a worthwhile investment

6. Front Light

Super bright LED light.

When riding at night, the lights not only help you see the road better, but also allow other vehicles on the road to see you

Our scooter S9 is not only equipped with bright headlights, but also the pedals have shining LED lights, which not only make it easier to be seen at night, but also show personalized coolness


7. Eye Protection

Eye protection is essential when driving fast. Bugs and debris can easily damage your eyes, temporarily blind you, and even lead to dangerous situations.

We recommend clear windshield goggles or sunglasses

Sunglasses are great for protecting your body and also help you see better when the sun is at its brightest.


8. Helmet

A helmet is an essential piece of safety equipment you can have - be sure to wear one when riding a scooter.

It can protect our head very well in case of falling


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