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1. Budget commuter

These scooters are great for short distance riding, as well as for everyday commuting. This option is best when your commute surface is relatively smooth and doesn't have many steep hills. They're light enough to even fold and carry them up stairs or the subway.


2. Mid-ranged commuter & Premium commuter

Such scooters typically have added suspension, larger motors, larger batteries and better brakes. The range will also be longer, and thanks to these upgrades, the ride will be more comfortable and safer. However, the body weight is relatively heavy, making it difficult to load into a car or go upstairs


3. Performance Electric Scooters

Many of these scooters contain dual motors and sizable battery packs, and even other components including large tubeless pneumatic tires, semi-hydraulic or hydraulic brakes, powerful lights and turn signals. The scooter with the longest range offers a practical range of up to 81 km.


4. Extreme Performance Electric Scooters

They have large twin motors (which can generally reach speeds of 64km), extended battery life, top-notch suspension and disc brakes for quick stops. Larger tires are designed for off-road use. These great performance scooters are also the heaviest (usually +32kg) so if you need to fold and carry these scooters make sure you can get them


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