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Portable Electric Scooter for Sale

  • Model: S9 Pro
  • Private Model : Yes
  • Wheels : 8.5inch rear wheel
  • Motor : 36V/250W brushless
  • 18650 Battery : 36V 6.0Ah/7.5Ah/10Ah optional
  • Range : 25-45km
  • Max speed : 25km/h
  • Load Capacity : 120kg
  • Color : Black / OEM
  • Charger input : 110V-240V (50~60HZ)
  • Charger output : 42V 1.5A
  • Brake : Disc brake system + Power off
  • brake + Foot brake
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy+ Steel + Wood
  • Non-slip mat: Sandpaper or Silicone mat
  • Suspension: Rear spring suspension
  • Other Options: 350W/APP/Deck light
  • S9 Pro Series

S9+ (2)


  • UL/CE Approved;

  • Tuya App: Smart lock the scooter, Smart control the color of deck light;

  • Waterproof level IPX4;

  • with USB charging port;

  • Max filled 40 cells, 45km long distance;

  • 3 customizable speeds;

  • Front LED light, Rear/Brake warning light;

  • Simple design – no visible cables;

  • 3 types of brakes for better safety protection

APP Control

Through APP Settings, customize your own intelligent life experience. Powered by Tuya, Power your life.

You can use Bluetooth to connect to the APP, intelligently adjust the speed gear, light, cruise, lock.

APP control

What can Tuya App do?

· Smart lock the scooter

· Start mode control-Non-zero start/Zero start

· Speed control-3 speeds/Cruise

· Light control

· Smart monitoring of battery power, driving speed and mileage

Electric Scooter With USB Port

There is a USB mobile phone charging socket at the bottom of the display. When traveling for a long time, or when the mobile phone is out of power in a remote place, you can use this socket for temporary emergency charging.

Electric Scooter With USB Port

Adding Extra Spring Suspension

Compared with the S9 Series Electric Scooter, this S9 pro Series Electric Scooter version has an extra spring suspension, which can effectively buffer the bumps caused by obstacles on rough roads.

Adding Extra Spring Suspension

LED Headlight

The unique headlight design has 3 individual lamp beadsLighting your path in the dark.

Super bright headlight, high brightness LED light, Riding safely in the dark.

LED Headlight

Premium Lithium-ion Battery of Electric Scooter

The S9 Pro can install up to 40 batteries, that is, to increase the range.

The rechargeable premium lithium-lon battery provides a range of 20-45KM on a single charge, which means less time charging and more time moving forward.

Premium Lithium-ion Battery of Electric Scooter

Brushless Motor

We use a brushless motor to reduce the number of follow-up maintenance and maintenance. At the same time, you can choose different motor powers. If you only commute daily, you can choose 250W, and if you need to climb hills, you can choose 350W. Not only does the larger motor helps power the climbs, but it also gets you to top speed faster.


Tail Light and Deck Light

Many scooters do not have tail lights, but we have specially equipped them with tail lights for driving safety. In walking mode (about 6KM/H), they will flash, and they will also light up when braking.

There are flashing LED lights under the pedals, which rotate in different colors, making it easier to see when driving at night, increasing safety and showing individuality.


Braking System

  • This scooter uses 3 kinds of braking systems, namely disc brakes, electronic brakes and fender brakes.

  • The foot brake is activated by pushing your foot down on the rear fender, causing it to rub against the rear tire, slowing it down.

  • Disc brakes have the most stopping power and are lighter than drum brakes.

  • The electronic braking system does not require any regular adjustment or maintenance, but disc brakes are light and effective, and a combination of the two is best.

  • Our scooters are equipped with at least two braking systems in case one of them fails.


More Details


This hook is very sturdy, it is a hook when driving, you can hang bags and the like, when the pole is folded.

The vehicle pole has a folding lock and safety. When driving, keep it upright. The added safety lock prevents it from being released suddenly. When it needs to be folded, just release the lock.

Optional accessories


Fold Meas: 1090*200*440mm

Unfold Meas: 1090*470*1180mm

Carton Size: 1110*190*470mm

N.W./G.W.: 14kg/17kg

QTY: 40HQ/690PCS





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