How to keep safe while riding electric snow scooter on and off the trails?

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If we have an extreme idea, for example, riding in winter, we should be aware that there are many factors we need to consider. Of course, cold weather is an inevitable problems, but the main problem is the safety.

As electric snow scooter is the best choice for such situation. It's fun to ride, emits no air pollution, and is more affordable than owning a car. But, as with most things in life, including driving or riding a bicycle, it also have some safety issues need to be considered in winter riding.

Several tips need to consider before riding

Here are some tips we suggest you to consider and prepare before riding:

  1. Choose the right electric snow scooter

    Please be aware of which kind of road you usually ride or decide to ride and then choose the suitable device for corresponding situations. The electric snow scooter we sell has three modes, all-terrain mode, road mode and snow mode, which can meet most of your needs. Hope it can be one of your choices.

  2. Fully understand the device you choose

    After purchasing a new device, most people will directly use it instead of reading the product manual first. However, since it will be used in winter where the accidents can easily happen, we suggest you read the product manual first when you receive the new device.

    The main point is to know the characteristics of the product, such as the anti-skid ability, battery depletion at low temperatures, etc. A comprehensive grasp of the characteristics of the product may save your life in a dangerous moment.

  3. Practice before adventure

    As an old saying goes, "Practice makes perfect".If you haven't ride a electric snow scooter before, we suggest you to practice it in a safe and open area before venturing out into the wilderness.

  4. Check device, weather and trail conditions

    Check the weather forecast before riding, reduce or avoid riding it in bad weather. And check the device before riding, make sure the battery is sufficient and all functions of electric snow scooter can work normally. Trail conditions also need to be checked because some rough roads are not suitable for riding.

  5. Wear protective equipment

    Just like wearing protective clothing for skiing, wearing protective equipment when riding electric snow scooter will also reduce the damage to your body caused by accidental impact. And you will also feel safer when wearing a protective equipment.

  6. Control the speeding

    When riding off-road trails, people forget that there are many unexpected obstacles like rocks, ruts, tree deadfall, overhanging tree limbs and oncoming riders that can catch a rider off guard and not be able to react fast enough to avoid the danger. Ride under control and keep to the right.

  7. Make a ride plan

    If you’re not on a club ride, make sure that you have a ride plan and share it with someone at home. Be aware that you can end up out of phone service areas and if you have a mechanical failure or an injury, a fun day can quickly turn into a very serious situation.

Crucial tips for maintaining electric snow scooter

Maintaining your electric snow scooter so that it is in good condition when you travel is also an important factor in making your ride safe. Following are some tips for you:

  1. Clean your scooter regularly

    It’s incredible how something as simple as cleaning your electric scooter can protect it from future breakages. But washing the frame and cleaning each component means your scooter will be less likely to rust, and vital parts can continue to function.

    You need to try to drain the cloth as much as possible and wipe the mechanical components, including the kickstand, lights, handlebars and brakes. Once you finish wiping down the scooter, grab another bucket of clean water and use a different cloth to remove any excess dirt. Moisture is a breeding ground for rust, so it’s best to make sure you dry the scooter. Then use a sponge to remove the grime on the front and the rear wheel, please pay attention to don't use soap. Clean and degrease the chain. At last, dry the chain and add some lubricant.

  2. Check your tyres regularly

    It's really important to check the tyres regularly. Under-inflated tyres will make it difficult to control your scooter, which will increase the danger of riding. When scooter tyres are correctly inflated, they’ll be able to handle rough terrain, and punctures won’t be an issue. You can check your user manual to see the right level of tyre inflation.

  3. Be wary of the weather

    Weather is not only a safety issue to be considered, but also an important point to maintain the electric snow scooter. Riding in bad weather is easy to damage its performance, it is recommended to avoid it as much as possible.

  4. Don't let your electric scooter battery run out

    Electric scooter batteries are designed to be long-lasting, especially as they have to power the motor. There are conflicting opinions on managing lithium-ion cells, and some people believe it’s a good idea to let their battery run flat. It’s not.

    Every battery runs on a lifecycle, so when you let it run from 100 to 0 and back to 100 again, it will result in shorter battery life. And overcharge will also wear the system down slowly. So it's suggested that you keep your scooter on a frequent charge cycle and try not to let it get below the 90% battery charge capacity.

  5. Service the brakes

    Electric scooter brakes play an important part in protecting others on the road and being able to stop in time. During maintenance, check your wheels and brake elements, and fine-tune your brakes. If you don't know how to do it, you can also ask a mechanic to do the work.


So far in this article we've covered how to ride safely and how to maintain your electric snow scooter. Hope it can help you have a better understanding for electric snow scooter riding. If you want to purchase one, we have several products on our website, you can contact us to get the quote. And if you have any other questions about our product, you can also get in touch with us to know the answer.

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