How to Find the Best China Electric Scooter Factory?

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As people have been gradually aware of the importance of environmental protection, electric scooters become more and more popular. Electric scooters are the upgraded edition of kick scooters in the 90s. They are powered by a battery, which is more eco-friendly than other vehicles. As micro-mobility goes viral, electric scooters have also attracted a lot of people.

Electric Scooter Market Growth in China

As the world's factory, China has become one of the largest e-scooter manufacturers. With the leapfrog development of modern ergonomics and electrical technology, electric scooters are more innovative. What's more, the electric scooter has a great market with the urbanization in China, which also boost the electric scooter industry. Importing electric scooters from China can be reliable and effective.

How to Find Electric Scooter Manufacturers in China?

Choosing the best electric manufacturer is very essential for a trading business. You can find the best one from the following channels.

Online Marketplace is one of the largest leading B2B e-commerce platforms. There are many Chinese manufacturers on this marketplace and they will list their products on the platform. It also offers guidelines to help you find trusted suppliers. What's more, Alibaba is well-known for its cost-effectiveness and it offers great after-sale services.

Another famous B2B marketplace is When you search the electric scooters on the website, it has more than 240,000 results. You can easily place an order and make a comparison with this website.



Direct Suppliers

If you want to directly connect with a Chinese supplier, you can find its website online and contact them via e-mail or phone calls. If you want to find the leading Chinese manufacturer of electric scooters, you can search the following keywords on Google's search engine:

  • Electric scooter + Manufacturer + China

  • Electric scooter + Factory + China

  • Electric scooter + Supplier + China

If you have already found a reliable supplier online, you can contact it and receive any information you need including product quality and delivery price. What's more, if you have enough time, you can also go to the factory in China to see whether the product can satisfy your needs.

Trade Fairs

Trusted e-scooter manufacturers can also be found at different trade fairs. The famous trade fair in China is the Canton Fair, which is held each year during the spring and autumn seasons. Buyers from all over the world will come to trade fairs and communicate with manufacturers face to face.

Canton Fair

Sourcing Agents

Sourcing agents can be a convenient way to import electric scooters from China as they can help you identify suppliers and guide you on how to import products from China step by step.

Social Networks

Nowadays, social networks have gradually played an important role in the trade business. Many companies have accounts on LinkedIn and Facebook to show their profile, so you can gain enough information.

5 Tips You Should Know Before Importing Electric Scooters from China


You should find a China electric scooter manufacturer with certification. The certificate of quality and safety is very important as electric scooters contain batteries. You should ask suppliers for the related certificates before the customs clearance.

Industry Experience

It is better to choose an electric scooter factory that has specialized in the product for several years. If you are importing from a start-up manufacturer, the product quality and service may not be guaranteed. While a factory with industry experience can provide better service, know more about your needs, and handle your orders efficiently.

Quality Control

Quality control (QC) is very essential in the process of manufacturing. When you find an electric scooter factory, you should have a basic knowledge of the supplier. For example, you should pay attention to the factory workers and testing machines, which will show the capability of the supplier to produce high-quality electric scooters.

After-Sale Service

Remember to enquire the supplier if they offer a corresponding warranty for the electric scooters. If the supplier has professional after-sale service, it will be more reliable than other manufacturers. Suppliers with after-sale services can give a guideline on how to repair and maintain the electric scooter and they will give help. It is important to choose electric scooter suppliers that offer warranties if you want to build a long-term partnership with the supplier.

Choose the Right E-Scooter

E-scooters are special products. In the USA, each state has different local regulations for electric scooters. And in the UK, electric scooters are limited to use on pavements and cycle paths. So, you should be sure that e-scooters can be sold in your aimed market.

What's more, before importing electric scooters, you should have an investigation into the terrain in your area and your customers' needs. For instance, in an area full of tough roads, people tend to prefer a heavy electric scooter rather than a lightweight one.

Leading Electric Scooter Manufacturers in China

There are many good electric scooter suppliers in China and CXM is one of them. Located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China, CXM has a 7-year of experience in the electric scooter industry. It has International Operation Center, R&D Center, and E-commerce Center. The manufacturer has many international certificates such as European CE, American UL, and SGS. In the past years, CXM has served many clients from all over the world, acclaimed by many clients.

CXM specializes in a series of electric scooters: 8.5inch series, 10inch series, 11inch series and so on. The motor power from regular 250W to 350W, 500W, 600W, even 1000W.

The featured model is S9 city style electric scooter, S10 adult escooter, S12 off road electric scooter.

And CXM provides OEM&ODM services according to the clients' needs.

CXM Electric Scooter

                     CXM Electric Scooter

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