How Many Watts Do You Need? - Electric Scooter Buying Guide

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What is Watt on an Electric Scooter?

Watts is the unit of power of the machine, the symbol is"W".


When it comes to a scooter's motor and overall performance, watts are an important data point to consider. Watts refers to the amount of energy that the motor can handle at any one time, which can directly translate into a fast top speed.

It is important not to confuse this rated power with the scooter's peak watt rating. The peak watt rating refers to how much energy the motor can handle for a short burst of time. Peak watt ratings are typically seen as being more important than regular watt ratings, as they give you a better indication of the power and potential speed of the scooter.

Understanding Rate Power, Real Power and Peak Power

The power rating of the equipment is the highest power input allowed to flow through particular equipment. The equipment can function normally only under the rated voltage. The real power is uncertain and changes with the actual voltage.

Peak power refers to the maximum amount of power the motor can consume for a short period of time, usually can last the 30s. The maximum possible acceleration of the scooter depends solely on the peak power available for the scooter. It is not the most useful measure for comparing electric scooters because how it is measured also doesn't seem to be universal.

When choosing an electric scooter, pay attention to whether the electric scooter merchant lists the motor's “rate power” or “peak power” in watts. The difference between these two metrics can be huge.

Watts and Battery Capacity

How much power can a battery store? This is called the power capacity, and is often given in watt-hours (Wh).

A watt-hour is simply the number of watts (W) that the battery can provide multiplied by the number of hours it can sustain this output.

You can calculate watt-hours by multiplying voltage (V) and current (A) and then multiplying that result by time (h).

The battery capacity is the first and main factor affecting the distance(max range) of the ride.

Kick Scooter

Factors such as the terrain, weight of the rider, and temperature can all affect how long a scooter can travel on a single charge.

Driving on smooth, flat surfaces will usually go farther than on rough terrain.

Heavier riders may find that they can go shorter distances before needing to recharge their scooter, while lighter riders may be able to travel further.

In general, it is best to operate the scooter in temperatures between 10 and 40 degrees Celsius.

Keeping the scooter battery charged and maintaining it regularly can also help to increase its driving range.

Watts and Speed

Speed largely depends on the wattage. But the actual speed of an electric scooter is determined by many factors.

Legal Restrictions

There are various laws in different countries regarding electric scooters and their speed limits.  The laws also cover the kind of engine that electric scooters are allowed to have, the maximum power the engines are allowed to carry, and where these vehicles can be operated at top speed.

max speed

Examples of speed limits for electric scooters in some countries:

  • Germany: The maximum speed limit is 20kph(12.4mph)

  • France: The maximum speed limit is 25kph(15.5mph)

  • UK: The maximum speed limit is 25kph(15.5mph)

  • USA: The maximum speed limit is 20 mph(32kph)

  • Australia: The maximum speed limit is 25mph(40kph)

  • New Zealand: The maximum speed limit is 25mph(40kph)

  • Singapore: 25kph (15.5mph) in maximum motorised device speed

Some states have stricter restrictions and legal requirements on electric scooters, such as California, the maximum speed limit is 15mph (24kph). Some countries don't allow e-scooters on the road, such as Malaysia.

So, a 500 watt scooter may be physically able to reach speeds up to 55 kph, but the motor will be intentionally hobbled to cap it at 25kph. And when you want to buy an electric scooter, you need to know your local legal restrictions.

Maximum Load

An electric scooter's motor power determines how much weight the scooter can accelerate and move.

However, it is important not to exceed the manufacturer's recommended weight limit, as this can negatively impact scooter performance. The heavier the rider, the more strain on the motor. This can lead to decreased performance and even burning out the motor. Therefore, it is best to choose an electric scooter that has a high weight limit if you are a heavier person.

Watts and Gradeability

Driving an electric scooter feels much more different than driving a vehicle with gear-based automatic transmission. Electric scooters don't have gears but use a single-speed transmission.

The gradeability of the car mainly depends on the tractive force of the gearbox. The slower the speed, the stronger the traction. The electric scooter needs to rely on high power (and more grippy tires) to get a higher speed to improve the gradeability.

How Many Watts Do You Need for An Electric Scooter?

Because of the legal restrictions on the power and speed of electric scooters, also for safety reasons, we recommend choosing an electric scooter with continuous power that must not exceed 500W and a maximum speed under 25kph.

250w Electric Scooter

There are a lot of different electric scooters on the market, but if you're on a budget, you'll want to make sure you get one with at least 250W of power.

250w electric scooters are a great way to get around. This will be plenty of power for most people. They are perfect for short trips on flat land.

They are inexpensive, and the small motor also makes them light and portable, making them easy to take with you wherever you go.

You can find them in many different styles and sizes. Whether you're commuting to work or running errands, electric scooters are a great option for getting around town.

Recommend CXM 250w electric scooter for you:

S9 PRO (1)

250w electric scooter

Basic on the weight of 120kgs:

  • Lithium battery 36V 7.5Ah, the riding range is around 25km

  • 250W brushless high-performance motor

  • Max speed : 25km/h

350w Electric Scooter

Budget to midrange electric scooters generally have at least 350 watts of power. 350w electric scooters suited to heavier riders provide additional power. In general, the speed can be reached at 25-35kph.

The 350w electric scooter has higher performance than a 250w electric scooter, but it is heavier and drains the battery faster. It's perfect for budget-conscious commuters who need a portable way to get around.

Recommend CXM 350w electric scooter for you:

S10 (4)

350w electric scooter

Basic on the weight of 120kgs:

  • lithium battery 36V 10Ah, the riding range is around 30km

  • 350W brushless

  • Max speed : 25km/h

  • the max gradient is 15°

500w Electric Scooter

An electric scooter with a 500 watt motor is a good choice for the average adult.  Premium and high-performance electric scooters usually have at least 500W, which is enough power to handle moderately hilly roads.

500w electric scooter is best for heavy big adult riders. Heavier riders need not worry about lacking power on an electric scooter - 500w models will provide plenty of power. With this kind of power, you're guaranteed to get great performance out of your scooter.

Most 500W electric scooters are amazing value scooters. They offer a great balance between quality and price. It will give you a very strong range on a single charge.

Recommend CXM 500w electric scooter for you:

S12 Series Electric Scooter

500w electric scooter

off road electric scooter 2

500w off road electric scooter

Basic on the weight of 120kgs:

  • lithium battery 48V 15Ah, the riding range is around 55-60km

  • 11inch, inflatable tyre

  • with off-road tire

XCM provide more choices for electric scooters

These scooters are powered by a DC (brushless direct current) electric motor, which determines the top speed, acceleration and climbing ability. High-performance scooters will have two DC electric motors. Some high-performance scooters even have two motors for added power.

CXM's single motor electric scooter can easy to drive on a smooth road or city road. If you want to drive free on the steep slopes, and mountains, you can consider an electric scooter with two motors.

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