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Carbon Fiber Electric Surfboard

  • Electric Surfboard / KL12
  • Board Weight:20kg
  • Battery Weight:21kg
  • Board Size:180*61*16cm
  • KL12 Series

Electric Surfboard Parametes

Items Parametes
Rated power 12KW
Peak speed 55KM/H
Peak power-ontime 30-45min
Shell material Carbon fiber
Board weight 20KG
Max load 120KG
Cooling method Active water-immersion cooling
Charger specification 220V (110V for configuration in European and American regions)
Number of caudal fins Main cauda1 fin*1+Lateral fin*2
Board size 180*61*16CM
Battery material Ternary lithium battery
Battery life 800 charge-discharge cycles
Battery capacity 3.6kwh
Battery weight 21KG
Battery size 50*40*10CM
Certification CE/ROHS/FCC/MSDS/UN38.3
Product insurance Global product safety insurance
Warranty policy Power system is guaranteed for 12months and battery for 9 months.

Shining Features of Electric Surfboard

Top quality,Safe & Stable

Our products are refined through 118 processes of careful grinding,more than 10,000 tests on dynamic continuity,1,000 days of aquatic tests,which brought to you with the highest level requirement.Conbination of high strengh carbon fiber and aircraft grade aluminum guarantees high anticorrosion ability.The water cooling system keeps the motor at an optional temperature.

Top quality,Safe & Stable

3 seconds to reach Top Speed 60km/h

Ready to get pumped up with adrenaline and dopamine

3 seconds to reach Top Speed 60kmh

Carbon fiber material

Select of high-perfomance inorganic fiber with carbon content above 95%,boasting light weight and peerless strength.

Carbon fiber material

Waterproof IPX7 quick removable battery system and heat dissipation process

We fix the battery qith four quick-mounted screws,for reliable installation,easy dismounting and graceful look with waterproof rating IPX7. The battery is design with nice double portable handles,for convenient carry and graceful appearance.

Waterproof IPX7

Excellent Maneuverability

We have studied the rules of hydrodynamics to perfect all aspects of our Jetboards including improved hull shape, optimized weiht distribution, ultra-light carbon fiber material, and bionic fin design. No matter if it's for straightforward runs or sharp corners, driving the water has never been more exhilarating and agile.

Excellent Maneuverability

Fluid Mechanics

More smooth & elegant in all-round curved outline

Ultra-thin streamline and round edges that make jetboard is easily to control and cut drag

Fluid Mechanics

Convernient Modularity

You are witnessing the most sophisticated and user-friendly modular design in the electric surfboard world.

Hull,battery, ESC(Electric Speed Controller),motor and jet can all be installed and dismantled easily.

This not only provides for easy transportation but also simplifies maintenance for customers and rental centers thanks to the modular system.

Convernient Modularity

Ultra-thin streamline and Light, weight mechanical system

Ultra-thin streamline and Light

Power Surge -12KW high performance propullsion

Power Surge

Ultra-long fun time - 6kwh lithium battery, 1hr fun time

Ultra-long fun time

Special anti-skid jumping shoes

Special anti-skid jumping shoes





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