A Basic Introduction to Electric Scooters

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Nowadays, electric scooters have been more and more popular all over the world. Many people choose to ride an electric scooter in their daily commuting. So, do you know the basic knowledge about e-scooters?

What Is An Electric Scooter?

The electric scooter is a type of scooter that contains an electric battery and the electric battery can help power the scooter. When we talk about the electric scooter, we usually refer it to as a two-wheeled vehicle. There are many electric scooters on the market that come in different designs and colors.

In addition, today, most electric scooters are powered by a rechargeable battery, making you use the electric scooter for a longer time. And e-scooters usually adopt lithium-ion batteries or lithium-titanium-oxide (LTO) batteries. Electric scooters are very cost-effective and convenient.

The History of Electric Scooters

Electric scooters were derived from the scooters, which can trace back to 1895. In 1895, the first patents for electric transportation devices appeared.

In 1915, Autoped introduced its product—the standup scooter, which is the first commercial production of the scooter. And this standup scooter resembles modern scooters. This kind of standup scooter was powered by gasoline and was very popular in New York at that time.

In 1936, the first electric motorcycle company was founded, which boost the new market of electric-powered devices.

In 1986, Go-Ped produced the first modern stand-up scooters.

In 2009, Ricardo Nimrod Sapir created the world's first folding motorized electric scooter.

And at present, electric scooters go viral all over the world and many cities have built scooter-sharing systems to bring convenience to the public.

Early electric scooters are a bit large, but with the development and innovation of batteries, the size of electric scooters has been improved.

electric scooter history

Picture Source: Mashale(https://mashable.com/archive/1916-suffragette-scooter)

Types of Electric Kick Scooter

Types based on the number of wheels:

  • Two-wheeled electric scooters

  • Three-wheeled electric scooters

2-wheel electric scooters are lighter and more compact than 3-wheel electric scooters. But three-wheeled electric scooters do not need extra balance, suitable for most people.

Types based on the aimed people

  • Electric scooters for teenagers or kids

Electric scooters for kids are usually three-wheeled scooters that can help children keep their balance when they turn the direction. And the electric scooters for adults are bigger and stronger than children's electric scooters.

Types based on the size

  • Portable electric scooters

  • Fat wheels electric scooters

Portable electric scooters are very suitable for people who need to go to the office every day as they are compact and fast. While fat wheels electric scooters feature wider tires and they come with seats for added comfort.

Advantages of Electric Scooters


Compared to traditional petrol or diesel vehicles, electric scooters are more sustainable as you can recharge them every day for longer use.


In general, electric scooters can be more cost-effective than a traditional car or even a second-hand car. And electric scooters never need MOTs, services, or taxes.


As you know, the electric scooter is a bit small, compact, and light, so it can easily go through small roads and paths. It is a great choice to ride e-scooters in daily commuting.

Easy Storage

Many electric scooters on the market are small and portable, so they can be stored easily at the home, office, or in the garage. So you don't need to worry about their parking of them. What's more, they are also easy to carry around on the bus, on a train, or on any other transportation devices.

Good for Health

You may don't have enough time to work out, but you can ride an electric scooter to enjoy the fresh air outside and let your body relax.


Since 2000, electric scooters have become more popular than internal combustion-engined scooters. The speed of electric scooters ranges from 5 to 50 km and they make people's lives more convenient. But please note that different cities have different regulations about electric scooters and you should obey the rules in your local areas.

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