7 FAQs about Lithium Batteries for Electric Scooters

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1, Why do usually many electric scooters use lithium batteries?

Why does CXM choose to provide lithium battery scooters?

Lithium electric scooters,  as a kind of electric cycling product, and their battery needs large power output. Due to the excellent energy density and longevity of ternary Lithium batteries,  CXM  chooses ternary Lithium batteries used in electric scooters.

CXM's ternary lithium battery

Lithium battery has many types and below is three common types:

  • Lithium Manganate Battery

  • Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

  • Ternary Polymer Lithium Battery

The main difference lies in the different cathode materials of lithium-ion batteries.

These three types of lithium batteries have their own pros and cons:

  • The main advantages of lithium manganate batteries are safer, cheaper and lower price, on the contrary, the disadvantage is that the cycle life is not as long as ternary polymer lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries, meanwhile, its high-temperature resistance is poor. When lithium manganate battery is exposed to high temperatures, it is easy to decay and decompose, causing its trivalent manganese to become bivalent manganese.

  • The advantage of lithium Iron phosphate batteries is that the life of a single lithium iron phosphate battery is long in a number of 3000 cycles. The disadvantage is that it has a capacity difference, especially when making the battery pack, it is relatively difficult to match and the material or process stability is not enough and battery performance decays at a low temperature.

  • The advantage of ternary polymer lithium battery is that it is easy to realize quantity production. It has high energy density, that is, the energy per unit volume or unit weight is relatively high. The disadvantages are unstable security and poor stability.

lithium battery

2, Is the battery waterproof?

The battery has waterproof performance to some extent. But if only for a short period of time in the rain, basically there will be no problem, just dry is ok. However, if the lithium battery becomes swollen, it means that there has been water inside, so it is not suitable to continue to use it.

3, What is the battery life of the electric scooter?

In theory, a ternary polymer lithium battery is 1200 times that of complete charge and discharge, that is, complete cycle life. According to the use frequency, the ternary lithium battery can be charged and discharged every three days and 120 times a year, and the life of the ternary polymer lithium battery can reach about 10 years.

Normally, it takes about 5-6 hours to be fully charged. Electric scooters commonly used lithium batteries with a capacity of 36v/7.5ah and a 2a charger. Along with that the decreased charging current at the end of charging, charging time is also prolonged. Overall, depending on battery power consumption, charging time varies.

At present, there is no other way to check charging times which only be estimated by the frequency of use.

4, How to charge correctly?

It is important to use a lithium battery scooter correctly, and it is also important to charge the scooter correctly:

  1. When the battery is less than 20% (or low battery display on the scooter), please remind to recharge in time.

  2. Use the original charger.

  3. When fully charged, the charger should be removed within 2 hours.

  4. If you do not use the vehicle for a long time, you should maintain the monthly charging frequency.

  5. If the vehicle takes too long for a single ride, it should wait for the temperature of the battery box at the bottom to drop before charging.

  6. If you encounter a rainy day, try not to ride, so as not to damage the battery circuit caused by the influx of water into the battery box.

  7. Don't open the battery box without the guidance of professionals. If there is something wrong with the battery, please contact your dealer.

5, What should I do if I don't use my scooter for a long time?

Why does less electricity remain although I don't use it?

Should I charge or use it first? If I need to use it urgently, how much do I need to charge at least?

Because the lithium electric scooter cannot be 100% insulated, even if the power switch is turned off, there will be a small current passing through, which means that although the lithium electric scooter isn't used, it also discharges all the time, and the discharge is different with the environment and temperature.

If the power is enough, you can use it before recharge. if the power is too low, you must charge first, preferably to more than 50% before use, which helps to protect the battery. In short, try not to ride when there is a loss of electricity.

lithium battery

6, How to maintain the battery?

The electric scooter is now used as a commonly used alternative cycling tool. Remember to recharge the battery of the lithium electric scooter in time after riding.

Once it is not used for a long time (more than 1 month continuously),  the battery will be damaged easily.

In addition, when the electric scooter is not in use for a long time, it is recommended to turn off all the switches. When the whole car is in a state of no electricity, positioning and other devices do not work, so the battery can maintain a relatively good state. Proper maintenance of the battery can make the electric scooter ride a longer distance and not consume electricity too fast. At the same time, it can better protect the life of the battery.

7, The abnormal situation for batteries when using

As a result of the limited life of lithium batteries, their ageing speed increases if the users recharge the battery irregularly. Once the battery swells, the battery life will decrease, causing electronic scooters always have a situation of insufficient power.

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