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2022 Newest Electric Surfboard

  • Electric Surfboard / GL10
  • Board Weight:17kg
  • Battery Weight:21kg
  • Board Size:180*61*16cm
  • GL10 Series

Electric Surfboard Parameters

Items Parametes
Rated power 10KW
Peak speed 45KM/H
Peak power-ontime 30-45min
Shell material ACM
Board weight 17KG
Max load 100KG
Cooling method Active water-immersion cooling
Charger specification 220V (110V for configuration in European and American regions)
Number of caudal fins Lateral fin*2
Board size 180*61*16CM
Battery material Ternary lithium battery
Battery life 800 charge-discharge cycles
Battery capacity 3.6kwh
Battery weight 21KG
Battery size 50*40*10CM
Certification CE/ROHS/FCC/MSDS/UN38.3
Product insurance Global product safety insurance
Warranty policy Power system is guaranteed for 12months and battery for 9 months.

2022 Newest Electric Surfboard

2022 Newest Electric Surfboard Manufacturer--CXM

Surfing is, to us, exercising, entertaining and essence of our joyous life. We wish to bring that unique and delightful experience to more than us. After thousands of repeat tests with modern technology and new material, we have finally developed an electric surfboard suitable for all scenarios and larger crowd.

With our brand new modular structure design, we make it easier for customers to operate and maintain the boards for after-sale everyday usage. Integrated streamlined design to drastically reduce the fractions between board and water surface and the water resistance, to improve the surfing speed and time of endurance. We are dedicated to make surfing more fun of a sport!

  • Quality: CE/PSE/FCC/RoHS/M SDS/UN38.3 certifications for assured quality.

  • Expertise: We are a team of passionate surfers and experienced experts.

  • Customize: OEM/ODM support for your own brand and design.

  • Material: Hi-tech carbon fiber. Lighter board forstronger structure.

Surfboard App

Surfboard App

Battery Display

  • BMS:Continuous control by internal software and micro processor. Battery Monitoring System(BMS) monitors separate cell Better power, longer running time and better performances.

  • Pins: Multi-point contact, flexible deformation, conductivity, less space. Service life over 20,000 times.

  • Lithium Battery: International brand electric cell, safe and efficientBattery placed adjacent to the outer shell, easy to detach and maintain.

Battery Display

Power Module

  • BMS Module: Continuous control by internal software and micro processor. Battery Monitoring System(BMS) monitors separate cell. Better power, longer running time and better performances.

  • Intelligent Power: 12-16kw brushless motor.  High efficiency and reliability with lower consumption and noise. Simultaneous power with super long lifetime.

  • Pump Module: Aviation aluminum alloy pump for better intensity, stability and light weight. New treatment for outer surface against erosion of ocean water.

power module





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